This year we are heading to a brand new venue in Winnipeg on November 16th and 17th for 2 amazing days of worship, preaching and experiencing Jesus. Over 500 grade 6-12 students will be in attendance this year along with great artists and speakers, but most importantly, will you be there? Save the date, invite your crew, and join Uprising Conference as we take the message of Jesus To The Ends of the Earth.


Scripture teaches us that all of humanity is desperately in need of a savior; that all who inhabit this broken and fallen planet are separated from their loving creator because of sin. It would appear as though we are doomed. Left to our own devices, we cannot save ourselves ... But God would not abandon his prized possession and through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross there is hope and mercy for all people who put their faith in Jesus

This is the gospel message, a message that Christians have proclaimed across generations for millenniums. This is the message that paves the way for us to be reconciled to God. The gospel is the power for salvation; it is life and hope and good news. It changes lives; it restores families; it transforms and redeems; it liberates from the bondage of sin; it casts vision and instills purpose, meaning and significance. This is the most powerful, wonderful and beautiful message that has ever existed!

And as the church today we have the incredible opportunity, privilege and responsibility to take this message to the masses. In everything we do as Christ followers, we are called to point back to this message and the God it is about. This is not an option for us; we cannot shake the desire to tell people about Jesus because it becomes a part of who we are. We know that people need Jesus and we will do everything we can to take this message TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH so that all 7 billion of God's beloved children across the planet can know him and his love towards them.


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